Important Notes:

  • All fields are mandatory for registration.
  • After registration, you will receive an OTP to your cell no.
  • Then you will be approved in 24 hours, after getting approval, you may login.
  • You may write SOME practice tests
  • If you want a particular package you may click on 'request package' of a particular exam and then you will have to fill the details of that exam.
  • Again you will have to be approved for the package of that particular exam.
  • After getting approval for that package, you may write all the exams provided in that package.
  • You are not allowed for multiple logins at the same time.
  • After login close your session through logout only [not by closing window]
  • Students are advised to keep their account details confidential, to avoid disqualification. 

For any queries contact: 7095797166(Whatsapp), 9100959473